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Yin Yoga For Greater Orgasm Part III

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Yin yoga is a meditative style of yoga in which the postures are held for approximately three to five minutes. This approach is designed to increase flexibility by targeting the connective tissue, however, much like sex, this is not a time to space out. Instead, the three to five minutes are a physical and mental exercise of observing your “edge”.

Your edge is a liminal space where you feel enough sensation or discomfort to feel challenged, but there’s also enough comfort that you can maintain the posture for the duration of the hold. Your edge is not a specific shape or sensation, instead, your edge is fluid and is subjective to your current mindset, your diet, the time of day, previous injuries and so on. Your edge is your own!

Sex on the edge creates mind-altering, transformational, and life-affirming orgasms and yin yoga teaches you to surrender to the edge. This is why yin yoga is so effective at enhancing your sex life. It provides you with an arena, outside of an intimate, vulnerable setting, to practice playing with your edge.

Before we get started, familiarize yourself with ‘good pain’ and ‘bad pain’. The following principles of yin yoga, when practiced during sex, allow you to be present with the sensations of sex and to endure when sensations become intense so that you can experience mind-altering, transformational, and life-affirming orgasms. Now that you have this underlying knowledge, let’s take a closer look at one of the key ingredients of yin yoga and how this ingredient can enhance your sex life.

Week 3: Body Awareness

Yin yoga develops body awareness, meaning you develop a keener sensitivity through the entire body and you also become more aware of the subtleties, i.e. differences in temperature or texture. To practice cultivating body awareness through yin yoga, first, identify the sensation in your body. Ask yourself, what does it feel like? Give this sensation a label and instead of using words like ‘good’ or ‘bad’ be more descriptive, i.e. throbbing, tingling, tight, tender, stiff, relaxing. Then, once you’ve identified the sensation, locate where the sensation is occurring in your body. Be specific. If you have an anatomical background you can use the names of the muscle groups or connective tissue, but as long as you’re consistent even the words “right there” will suffice. Now, observe the emotions generated by this sensation or area of the body. Relax and breathe there.

If feeling tight, stiff, or stuck in this area, then consciously relax that area of the body by unclenching surrounding muscle groups. If you can’t seem to relax this area directly and it still feels tight or stuck, you can relax other areas of the body that you do have control over, such as the jaw, hands, and feet. Now send your breath to the area that feels tight and imagine that you are inflating this area with your inhale and deflating with your exhale.

To increase the power of your orgasmic potential, you need to feel the sensations occurring during sex. The practice of identifying sensation is much the same in sex as in yin. Identify the sensation, identify the location of the sensation, and identify the emotion produced by this sensation. Take this exercise one step further during sex and communicate these observations out loud to yourself or your lover. For example, “my pussy feels so full” or “my cock is throbbing.” This exercise can feel quite intimate and vulnerable, which can be intimidating so it might feel challenging to communicate your sensations and emotions with a partner during sex. Start by reciting these observations to yourself, thinking, “I feel my lover’s tongue on my clit” or “I feel my lover’s thumb in my ass”. Then, when you’re ready, communicate your sensations and work up to sharing your emotions. “My pussy is not very wet, and I feel nervous” or “My erection is fading, and I feel distracted.”

To practice body awareness during yin yoga & to increase your orgasmic potential, check out the accompanying Yin Yoga For Greater Orgasm Part III here.

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-Nicole Berns

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