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Move. Meditate. Manifest.

Wild Well-Being can be summed up in one word—

Explore a more intimate connection with yourself, develop meaningful connections with your loved ones, and magnify your connection to the universe all through the gifts of yoga. 

How do you want to feel?









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I'm Nicole Berns


I help cycle breakers fall in love with their body one yoga class at a time. Breaking cycles of dysfunction, trauma, and negative behaviour, committed to self-awareness and personal growth, to create a healthier path for myself, my loved ones, and our future generations.


As a young woman, I struggled with an eating disorder and body dysmorphia. I used food and exercise as a way to punish myself for how I looked and what I ate. I punished myself with exercise because I didn't like myself and I thought that if I didn't look a certain way then no one would ever love me. I got into yoga to change the way I looked so that I would feel comfortable in my body. 

I didn't know that yoga would completely heal the parts of me that needed to change the way I looked to feel loved. 

Today I am a student & teacher of the yogic tradition. I work with both eastern and western methodologies of health & wellness to help my clients break the cycles within their own lives, to become the person they've always known they could be. 

When I'm not teaching you can find me...


In the mountains, hiking, biking, skiing, or climbing


Gardening or foraging for mushrooms, berries, and herbs


Cooking delicious and nutritious meals for my loved ones


Professional Credentials...

BA double major in English Literature + Writing from UBC

200hr RYT from the School of Sacred Arts  

100hr advanced yoga teacher training from Swara Yoga Academy

Thai Massage Level 1 from Synergy Yoga 

Practical Herbalism Diploma student

We would like to recognize our teacher, Ram Giri Baba, the teachers who came before us, and the keepers of this sacred knowledge. May we be blessed to share your knowledge and continue the line of traditional wisdom.


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We are committed to our role in your personal evolution. We live by & encourage loving discipline to demonstrate commitment to yourself, your personal evolution, & your relationships.

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We live by example. We believe in autonomy and support your freedom to make choices that align with your values. We respect your independence & individual discretion when it comes to your own personal standards and encourage you to live by them.

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We are devoted to our role as an educator, so that you can better understand yourself and your partner(s). We share educational content in the hopes that you’ll experience deeper connection with yourself, others, and your environment. 

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We are devoted to our role in your personal transformation. We live by & encourage loving discipline to understand your inner self and its relationship to the world.



Our definition of well-being is to enjoy balance, flexibility, and strength in our bodies, minds, and spirits in the pursuit of optimal health.



Our role as an educator is to provide accessible education so that you learn, develop, and continuously improve your skills and knowledge. Turning what you know into embodied wisdom for personal growth and transformation.



Enjoy your life. Be fulfilled, content, satisfied, and delighted. Here, at Wild Well-Being, we believe pleasure to be a revolutionary act. Of course, be devoted and fierce in your pursuit, but don't forget to revel in the sweetness of life. 

Are you interested in breaking the cycles of dysfunction, trauma, and negative behaviour that prevent healthier relationships with yourself, your loved ones, and the world?

Yes I am!

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