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Sisterhood by the Sea

a wild well-being signature retreat

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A backcountry retreat for adventurous women on a remote beach in northern vancouver island.

Have you always wanted to explore north island but don't have anyone to go with? Do you have a deep connection to the land that you can't quite put into words, but are searching for ways to revere this connection? Are you craving an intimate sisterhood of adventurous women who uplift you?

From the woman behind Sisterhood by the Sea...

I created Sisterhood by the Sea for the women who have been bullied by a group of girls or betrayed by a female friend which caused them to put walls up around their heart. Because that's what happened to me. I kept myself at arms distance because it was easier to exclude myself than it was to be rejected after opening my heart and being vulnerable. I joined a women's group with the intention to heal my sisterhood wound. My biggest fear going in was that no one would like me, the girls would gossip about me behind my back, and ultimately I would be rejected from the group. And that's exactly what happened! I had to break the cycle of closing my heart whenever I got hurt. I had to learn to keep my heart open to other women so that when intimate female friendship presented itself to me I was open to receive it. And that's exactly what I created Sisterhood by the Sea to do. To tear down the walls you've built around your heart and open your heart to intimate female friendship while having the adventure of a lifetime.

Rock Maze
Image by Kaylee Garrett


Exploring Vancouver Island's backroads, remote beaches, and moody rainforest

Coming together with a group of women with the conscious intention to heal

Sleeping under the stars and starting your day with sunrise yoga and a cold dip in the ocean.

Spending 3 days off grid, collecting shells, and walking barefoot in the sand

Having the adventure of a lifetime



Want a taste of the sisterhood you'll find at Sisterhood by the Sea?

But aren't ready to commit to a retreat?

Become a member inside our FB group, Wild Women, for FREE.

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What's included?
In-person and online group gatherings (hiking, kayaking, women's circle, yoga, workshops)
Community of like-minded, adventurous women
A place to find adventure buddies and make friends
A platform to to plan adventures and learn more about the area 
Yoga on Beach

About our unconventional methods...

Sisterhood by the Sea is a 3-day backcountry yoga + hiking retreat to heal your sisterhood wound. When you pray to the Universe for intimate female friendship, the Universe doesn't just snap its fingers and give it to you. No, it tests you. Either by presenting you with exactly what you don't want to see if you're ready to break that cycle. Or by presenting you with exactly what you want to see if you are willing to receive exactly what you've been asking for. 

Image by Dane Wetton

Tell me if this sounds like you...

You were bullied by a group of girls or betrayed by a female friend which caused you to build a wall around your heart

You're ready to ditch the gossip culture and one-sided friendships that tear down other women

You want girlfriends who celebrate you and will resolve conflict with you instead of saying mean shit behind your back

You're ready for a group of friends who include you, where you feel like you belong, and who invite you on adventures



A 3-day backcountry hiking and yoga retreat for adventurous women on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island.


August 23-25 2024

Raft Cove, Vancouver Island

$525 per person. Payment plan available.

What's included: 

Transportation (from Campbell River)

3x daily meals

Daily yoga + women's circles

Forest hike + beach hike

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Access to Nicole's signature Fempowered Program, female powered adventures for female empowerment—backcountry recipes, gear lists, safety checks, and two yoga for hikers classes. 


Am I fit enough?

You will need to be able to hike in and out of camp carrying your pack with all your camping gear. The hike in takes approx 45-60 minutes. Is relatively flat, although often muddy, and very rooty. 

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring all your own camping equipment. ie: tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, etc. We have compiled a suggested gear list to ensure your comfort during the retreat. Click here to see it.

I'm scared that no one will like me...

It is going to feel scary and nerve-wracking the first time meeting the women. And those women on retreat will be feeling the exact same way. What if you meet your best friend soulmate on this retreat? What if everyone loves and adores you?

When does it start and what is the cost?

The retreat dates are August 23-25 2024. The retreat cost is $525 per person and yes we have payment plans available. 

Image by Chelsea Gates

This is for you if...

You love hiking, camping, and yoga.

You go camping to connect with nature

This is NOT for you if...

You're grossed out by the outdoors 

You go camping to get drunk and party

You're craving an intimate sisterhood of adventurous and uplifting women

You're not open to receiving feedback or being coached

You want to feel more connected to yourself and honour your sacred connection to the land

You don't value a strong connection to Self, your community, and the land

Are you ready to heal your sisterhood wound while having the adventure of a lifetime?

Sisterhood by the Sea DETAILS:


August 23-25 2024


Raft Cove, Vancouver Island. Transportation included from Campbell River. 


A 45-60 minute hike through coastal rainforest. 2-nights camped on a remote beach. Yoga, women's circle, workshops, beach hike, cold dip. Bring your own camp gear.


$525 with payment plan options.

Friends at the Beach



$525 PIF


x2 monthly payments of $262

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