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How Meditation Enhances your Sex Life

Meditation is the practice of returning to the present moment—it is not, contrary to popular belief, sitting like a monk, with a serene look on your face, without thinking.

You can have thoughts and still meditate. In fact, you need thoughts, you need distractions in order to practice meditation—the practice of returning to the present moment.

Without the thoughts or distractions, you would perpetually be in the present moment and you know that’s not reality. In reality you get caught in a loop thinking about work, the kids, laundry, the last time you had sex, finances, needing to get back to the gym, etc. etc.

1) Meditation helps you get out of your head.

If you commonly get distracted during sex or have intrusive thoughts, your meditation practice can help you come back to the present moment of making love. When you notice yourself distracted by thoughts during sex, and you already have the time in practicing returning to the present moment, it makes it that much easier to implement those skills into your sex life.

It is always easier to practice something outside of the bedroom first and then integrate it into your love making. It feels safer that way. Sex is such a vulnerable act. It requires a lot of safety in order to explore new ideas, like a breathing pattern to centre yourself when you get distracted. Maintaining a regular meditation practice makes it that much easier to get out of your head and connected to your pleasure and your partner, because you have the time in practicing that exact process which makes it feel safe to try in your sex life.

2) Meditation connects you to the present moment and pleasure occurs in the present moment.

Disclaimer: In the beginning, when you’re new to implementing your meditation skills to your sex life, the meditation skills will distract you. That must sound counterintuitive, but keep reading. Applying your new meditation skills to your sex life will be a distraction in the beginning because you’re still a beginner. Don’t let that initial distraction deter you. It is the demon at the gate, positioned to frighten you and deter you from moving ahead and entering the golden gates of sexual bliss & profound connection. The demon at the gate is there to ensure that only the brave, the willing, and the devoted enter the golden temple gates.

Stay the course. Very soon, you will be seamlessly integrating those skills into your love making and instead of a distraction, your meditation skills will be the conduit to higher levels of love.

3) Reach new heights of pleasure and connection.

Meditation refines your awareness. Like peeling back the layers on an onion, your awareness has layers too. Having a refined awareness is like zooming out. You see and feel much more.

Sensation isn’t limited to your genitals then, it’s your whole body, and even the space around your body. Connection isn’t limited to your level of arousal, it’s you, your purpose, your lover, and something greater than yourself—God, the Universe, the Divine.

More than that, meditation can enhance your sex life no matter where you’re at in your sex life. If you’re not feeling desire to have sex, it can help you get there. If you’re not having orgasms, it can help you get there. If you can only experience clitoral or ejaculatory orgasm, it can help you experience multiple, full-body orgasms. If sex for you is really just using another person’s body to masturbate, it can help you connect on a deeper level.

Meditation really is the gift that keeps on giving—the more devoted you are to your meditation practice, the greater the benefits.

But what makes meditation so powerful & effective for enhancing your sex life is that you can feel the effects even after just one session.

Post meditative students recall feeling:



—at peace






And what’s even better is that there are many different ways to meditate, including:


—breath work






So, you can find a style that works for you and that you enjoy. It is so much easier to feel motivated to meditate when you look forward to it because you enjoy the process and the outcome (genuine sexual satisfaction)—especially when you compare that to forcing yourself to meditate because you think you should (knowing that it enhances your sex life).

If you’ve never meditated before and you’ve always wanted to, or you’re an experienced meditator but you’ve never been able to get into a daily habit of practicing, Learn to Meditate was created for you.

You’ll start out stuck in your head and constantly distracted with intrusive thoughts that derail your orgasms and leave you feeling disconnected, and by the end you’ll be directing your thoughts back to the pleasure & connection of the present moment with increasing ease, compassion, and confidence.

The thoughts don’t go away, but there will be fewer, and they will have less effect on you.

Meditation won’t seem so daunting and sex will be much more fulfilling.

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