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You've decided to dive a little deeper? Good for you! Here, you'll find a brief guide to my favourite offers, free resources, and more. Take a look—

Make love. Meditate. Manifest.

Sexual Yoga Academy

Community Favourite

private | online | self-paced

6-month online membership that supports individuals or couples to explore, communicate, and develop their sexual skills while enhancing their love making with more pleasurable sex and deeper intimacy.

How to Last Longer

There's no confidence like sexual competence

Self-paced replay of the 4-week mentorship for men to gain confidence in their sexual competence. You'll walk away with the ability to maintain your pace even while your woman is in the throes of passion.

—Quick Links—
01 The Jade Egg Method

Strengthen, tone, & relax the vaginal muscles by learning HOW to use them

02 Learn to Meditate

Get out of your head, release anxieties, and be more present w/ your loved ones

03 Conflict to Chemistry

Learn to resolve conflict in a way that brings you closer than ever before

The woman behind it all


yoga teach for nearly a decade—
baptized + raised catholic, now a trantric yogini—

5+ years in love with the man of my dreams
climbing, skiing, hiking, + biking


100% free

Copy of Copy of Copy of Unnamed Design-21.png
01 Breathgasm video tutorial

a practical + simple step-by-step guide to experience breathgasm for yourself

Copy of Copy of Copy of Unnamed Design-22.png
02 How to Dominate your Woman and still be respectful + loving

3-part video series for masculine men who want to love + fuck their woman well


1-1 mentorship

—3 month container

—6 month container

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