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yoga for personal transformation



Nicole Berns, E-RYT 300hr

The yoga platform for you if you're breaking free from cycles of dysfunction, trauma or negative behaviours.


If you're committed to self-awareness, personal growth, and making positive choices to create a different, healthier path for yourself and future generations.

You're one yoga class away from a good mood.

Traditional yoga practices for modern living

I was battling with my body image when I got into yoga, going to class to change the way I looked so that I'd feel comfortable in my body. 

I didn't know that yoga would completely heal the parts of me that wanted to change the way I look.


After dissociating from my body and living in my head for 22 years, yoga brought me back to life. 

Leading me down a path of personal discovery that got me here, today: 

Exercising as a celebration of what my body can do , not as punishment for what I ate; eating for nourishment, not restriction; and being my own best friend instead of my own worst critic. 


All this just from stretching, moving, breathing, and lying still for a while. 


Hi! I'm Nicole

About Nicole
Nicole Berns, E-RYT 300HR

Cycle Breaker

This is for you if you've been to therapy, you've talked about your triggers, but still nothing changes. 

You know in your mind what you need to do, but you struggle to turn what you know into aligned action.

Welcome to yoga for personal transformation—taking what you cognitively know and turning it into embodied knowledge. 

Vid • ya: living knowledge 

Some people call it somatics, I call it embodiment—living and healing through the body. 

from living in your head, numb, and dissociated to present, feeling, and connected. 

Yoga for Personal Transformation

the yoga platform for you to...

practice speaking kindly to yourself

feel good in your body

be more present with your loved ones

get out of your head

connect with the universe

when your body feels good, you feel good in your body

helping cycle breakers fall in love with their body one yoga class at a time



Hatha Yoga

The term Hatha is a combination of Ha, meaning sun, and tha, meaning moon. This represents the balance of opposing forces, such as strength and flexibility, effort and surrender, that practitioners aim to bring into harmony using movement, breath, cleansing, and meditation. 


Yin Yoga

In contrast to hatha yoga, yin yoga holds postures for 3-5 minutes with all the postures relatively close to the ground, requiring little to no muscular effort. Yin yoga targets the connective tissue—tendons, ligaments, and fascia. It is a more meditative and restorative style that focuses on deep flexibility.



Meditation is the practice of returning to the present moment. This can be practiced using breath, thought, visualization, movement, or sound. ​Meditation can be guided or self-led. It is a way to better knowing yourself, being present with others, and connecting with the universe.


Learn at your own pace

If you need the flexibility to practice according to your own schedule

The Sexual Yoga Academy

The Sexual Yoga Academy 

A body-based educational platform that supports individuals and couples to explore, develop, and expand, their erotic well-being

Learn to Meditate

Learn to Meditate

Get out of your head, be more present with your loved ones, develop better coping skills, and release stress, tension, and anxiety. For you if you can't meditate because you can't turn off your mind. 


Join us live

If you need class times to be scheduled to keep you accountable 

Online Live Yoga Classes

The Studio

An online yoga studio for personal transformation.

She Climbs Mountains

She Climbs Mountains

An in-person yoga + weight-lifting group training program for adventurous women in pursuit of summiting their first mountain. Coming spring 2024.

Move. Meditate. Manifest.


Working with Nicole has created a snowball effect of taking care of  myself in other ways, like honouring my body, and being really compassionate with myself.


Are you interested in breaking the cycles of dysfunction, trauma, and negative behaviour that prevent healthier relationships with yourself, your loved ones, and the world?

Yes I am!

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